Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Evolytix Dashboard reporting platform, and why do I need it?

The Evolytix Dashboard reporting platform is a software tool that allows you to gather, visualize, and analyze data from various sources in one central location. It provides real-time insights, helps you monitor key metrics, and facilitates data-driven decision-making.

This platform offer easy-to-use connectors that allow you to integrate your data sources seamlessly. We’ll guide you through the setup process.

We offer a wide range of data visualization options, including line charts, bar graphs, pie charts, tables, maps, and more to help you create visually appealing representations of your data.

Absolutely. You can share your dashboards with specific team members.

We offer a variety of customer support channels, such as email, chat, or phone support, to assist you with any issues or questions.

We provide powerful data transformation tools that allow you to clean, filter, and manipulate your data before it’s visualized. You can perform tasks like data aggregation, data cleansing, and calculations directly within the platform.

We adhere to data privacy regulations and compliance standards through such features as user access controls and audit trails to help you maintain data privacy.